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5 Reasons Why Summer is the season for pests

Published on july 07, 2020

Summer is known as a fun season for humans and they are seen to be more active and productive. People enjoy the season because the weather condition is just perfect to spend the holidays. Some people go to beaches to enjoy quality time with friends and families.

Some people are found to be upset in the summer because of an increase in numbers of pests targeting humans. In summer pests are found to be more active and can be seen everywhere. Pests need a specific temperature, sunlight and moisture level to come out of their shelters, be productive, seek food sources, and increase their population through breeding.

Reasons why summer is the season for pests

To deal with pests its very necessary to know why is summer is the season for pests. The following are the 5 reasons why summer is the season for pests.

Increased supply of food
High temperature
Life cycle

Let's discuss all of them in detail:

1. Sunlight


According to a study by the National Institute of Aerobiological Sciences, most of the pests rely on sunlight to find and eat food. That’s why in summer the sunlight stays for relatively more time and they feed for more time. Their interaction with the outside is increased and they are seen most often.

With the increase in daylight duration, the pests start spending more time not only on feeding themselves but also on storing food, feast on organic material, and building nests.

2. Increased supply of food


In summers, due to increased sunlight, most of the insects come out of their nests to find food for them. They serve as a food source for other pests , reptiles, and rodents. For example, we see rats, snakes’ cockroaches, lizards, spiders, frogs, flies, etc. Cockroaches and flies are the favorite meal for frogs, spiders, and lizards. Rats are hunted by snakes as a food source.

Shrubs and other plants grow at its extreme speed because the weather conditions are perfect. They not only serve as food sources for humans but also becomes an excellent source of food for pests and insects.

In summers due to temperature and humidity, food rot with great speed. People through rotten food away which becomes a buffet for pests. Regardless of the location pests find enough supply of food in summer, thanks to their good sense of smell.

3. High temperature


Although summer is the favorite season for pests to grow, store food, and increase their breed by breeding. As the temperature reaches it is extreme it becomes hard for pests to survive in such extreme weather conditions. This is the reason with some of the pest go underground and other seek shelter. The best shelter for them is our homes that’s why they are seen often in our houses.

Temperature to a certain limit act favorable for pests. After reaching a certain point they are unable to bear the extreme heat.

4. Moisture


It normally seems like pests do not need water to survive but reality moisture and humidity are very important for pests to survive. Pests and insects like mosquitoes, flies, and cockroaches need moisture for development, survival, and breeding.

In summers, air contains a high quantity of moisture due to rainfall. Humaid weather makes summer ideal whether for pests to grow in number through breeding.

In case they do not get moisture in the air they move indoor to seek moisture is dumped and moist places of houses.

5. Life cycle


many pests are cold-blooded that’s why we found their increased activity in summers. In summers they are more likely to reproduce or breed and increase in numbers to save their colonies.

During winters extreme cold restrict their activity and they can't reproduce that’s why they take full advantage of summers and reproduce to make sure their survival.

How to deal with pests?

After you know why summer is the ideal whether for pests the second thing to do is to know to deal with it. Although there are many ways to deal with them the below are the most common ways to keep pests away during summers.

  • Get rid of standing water
  • Keep the washroom clean
  • Keep the kitchen clean and dry
  • Do not store fruits outside the refrigerator
  • Don’t bring the outside in
  • Install nets on windows and ventilators
  • Maintain your yard
  • Proper Firewood storage
  • Get rid of garbage regularly
  • Food storage in a sealed container
  • Check for gaps and cracks
  • Seek Professional Help
The most effective way to keep them away is to seek professional help to deal with pests. Professionals know how to deal with them to make sure they do not come back.


Summer is the ideal condition for whether because weather conditions are just perfect for pests. They thrive during summers. They have increased the supply of food, they have optimal temperate to grow in numbers, increased moisture, and sunlight. All these factors make the weather perfect for pests.

Although there are many ways to deal with pests getting helps of fumigation services helps a lot to keep them away for a greater time.

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