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12 Best way to keep the pests away this summer

Published on july 06, 2020

Same as honey that attracts ants, summer attract pests to your property. They try to invade places where they don’t belong to. They not only cause uncleanliness but also annoy humans sometimes in the form of the buzz of fly and sometimes in the form of a mosquito bite. They not only annoy humans but also spread diseases.

To fight with insects and pests, many of us got to buy a can of pesticides and insect spray. Using pesticides is not effective because it can’t kill all the insects second it has so many negative impacts on human health.

There are millions and trillions of insects and bugs on the planet, fighting all of them seems like a losing war. You can win in one case if you know what attracts insects towards your home.

In this blog, I will tell you 12 methods to keep the bugs and insects far away from your home.

Get rid of standing water
Keep the washroom clean
Keep the kitchen clean and dry
Do not store fruits outside the refrigerator
Don’t bring the outside in
Install nets on windows and ventilators
Maintain your yard
Proper Firewood storage
Get rid of garbage regularly
Food storage in a sealed container
Check for gaps and cracks
Seek Professional Help

1. Get rid of standing water


Pests like mosquitoes breed in standing water. Do not let water stand in your home and outside your home too because it's a favorite spot for mosquitoes to start a family by breeding and spread diseases. The most common and life-threatening diseases caused by mosquitoes are malaria and dengue.

After rain check all the drain and other spots that may cause water to stand. If you found any place with standing water, remove the water immediately from that place.

Keep the utensils, sink and drain dry in your kitchen. In case you come to know the pipe below your sink is leaked immediately call the plumber to repair or change it.

2. Keep the washroom clean


Many people don’t talk about washroom cleanliness when the topic under discussion is Pest Control. Regular cleaning of the washroom is equally important to keep your home buds and insects free.

Keep your washroom dry and clean. Clean the pot within 2 days with a toilet cleaner. Keep your sink clean with a bathroom cleaner. Keep an eye on the drain to make sure that it is not covered with hairs or dirt. These measures will not only keep the house pest-free but also keep you safe from diseases.

If you are having an air conditioner at your home does not put a vessel to collect water from it. Try to attach a pipe with a discharging tube and link it with the drain. In case you have to put a vessel under it, empty the vessel every day to avoid the breed of insects.

3. Keep the kitchen clean and dry


Dirt or unclean lines is the best signal for pests and insects to become your unwanted guests. Uncovered food particles around the stove, shelves, or near sink attracts insects instantly. Clean and disinfect the racks, the upper surface of the stove, and skink regularly to avoid insects attack. Do not send an invitation to insects by keeping a sink filled with water and unwashed dishes.

Infestation may kill all the insects in your house but with regular cleaning, you will soon witness insects in your house that’s why regular cleaning is crucial. In this way, the effect of infestation will least for a long time.

4. Do not store fruits outside the refrigerator


Do not keep fruits out of the fridge for long because at room temperature they overripe the fruits and due to its spell insects will be attracted that are hard to get rid of. Overripe fruits attract insects that are hard to get rid of like mosquitoes, hose flies, ants, cockroaches.

5. Don’t bring the outside in

If you have a yard or garden, you must have its separate shoes, bucket, furniture, and other items. do not try to use those items indoor before thorough cleaning because without cleaning you may bring a lot of insects with those items into your house.

The same rule applies to kids’ toys such as battery-operated jeep, bicycle, and other small toys that are used outside. Do not encourage your children to bring them indoors to avoid pests entry. You may keep those toys and items in the garage or any outdoor place.

6. Install nets on windows and ventilators


Some people depend on windows and ventilators for fresh air ventilation, especially in humid and extreme summer. Summer is also a favorite time for insects and pests to enter your house, irritate you, and spread diseases. To prevent this, install nets or screens on windows and ventilators.

Nets or screens will stop insects and pests like mosquitoes, flies, bees, cockroaches, etc. from coming into your house. Net installing can be done by using simple tools.

One thing to keep in mind is insects can sneak into your house from tiny spaces or holes into the screen that’s why proper installation is necessary. After installation check thoroughly that no hole is left behind.

7. Maintain your yard


Maintaining your yard can help you a great deal to fight with insects and keeping them away. Especially in the case of mosquitoes and other small insects. Getting rid of standing water in the yards can help a great help you reduce the numbers of mosquitoes and other small insects because they need water to breed and increase their population.

A common reason for standing water in the yard is the imbalance and the slope of the yard. You can solve these problems related to your yard by balancing the surface of your yard. Once the yard surface is balanced the water will not stand and will be absorbed into the soil its self.

Remove the dry leaves from the drain to keep the water going. Don’t forget to get rid of all the dry leaves in your yard because they are the best spot for insects to hide while infestation and increase their breed.

If you have a water pool in your garden keeps it clean. Change its water weekly to keep the insects away. Trim the trees and plants in the yard if any to avoid wild growth that attracts insects and pests.

8. Proper Firewood storage


Termite may cause extensive damage to your property like furniture, firewood, and other wooden items. firewood attracts termites, in case it attacked your firewood and your firewood is stored near your home, there are high chances that they will attract your property and damage things like furniture and other wooden goods.

to prevent your property is important to take prevention steps before they attack. One of the best prevention steps is to store your firewood away from your home. If too much far away is not possible at least maintain 5 feet between your home and firewood.

Another tip is to store the firewood in a rack above ground to make it inaccessible to termites.

9. Get rid of garbage regularly


Getting rid of the garbage and another waste is the key to keep the pests away from your home. Some people ask how to make the pest infestation last for long. The answer is simple “ Keep your home Clean”.

Waste and dirt attracts many insects and pests that are hard to get rid of. Rotten food particles attract rats, mosquitoes, flies, and cockroaches to home that not only becomes headache but also spread diseases. That’s why getting rid of garbage is the key step.

10. Food storage in a sealed container


Some insects and pests like rodents have excellent spelling power. They can smell food from a long distance. If there is a food item placed in an open container, pests will be attracted immediately.

If food is stored in a sealed container, pests will not be able to smell and ultimately will not be attracted. Food items like crackers and cereals should be packed in a sealed container or reseal able bags to avoid the access of pests.

Keep your pantry clean and dispose of rotten food items regularly. It would not make the place an ideal place for pests to come.

11. Check for gaps and cracks

Windows, ventilators and doors are not the only places that help pests to invade your house. Check the interior and exterior of your house regularly to find gaps and cracks that may serve as a hidden route for pests to enter your house.

Most common gaps and cracks in houses are

  • Loose siding
  • Gaps around utility lines
  • Foundation cracks
  • Pipes
  • Cable wiring
  • Electric wiring
In case you find any hole or gap, immediately fill the gap to stop the entry of uninvited guests.

12. Seek Professional Help

All the above-mentioned methods will help you to reduce the number of pests in your house, but it is very hard to eliminate the pest without professional help. Some pests can be controlled or eliminated without proper infestation. Hire a professional Pest Control service to regularly spray and infest your home to keep the pests away from your house.

Fumigation service providers can make a professional Pest Control plan for you to control pests at your house. The exactly know how to deal with pests and how to eliminate them because they are the pros.

Although you can do a lot of things to protect your home from pests sometimes professional help is the only way around.


Summer is the ideal time for pests to invade your house, disturb and irritate you mentally, physically, and financially that why taking Pest Control action in advance is the key. Pest Control at your own do not involve any rocket science, you just need to take a few small steps.

Although there are many ways to prevent the invasion of pests and insects into your the property the best one is seeking the help of professional Pest Control the service provider is the best. The logic behind this is simple, taking actions against them at your own will only stop a small number of pests but professional deals with pests almost on a daily basis and they know very well how to deal with them.

Have a Pest free summer. Cheers

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