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10 Prevention Guidelines to avoid Coronavirus

Published on july 02, 2020

Till today there is no vaccine for deadly coronavirus. The best to stay safe and healthy is to avoid it in the first place. Various countries around the globe have lifted the lockdown. Almost all the businesses are reopened. Now the chances of getting infected are multiplied.

To reduce the chances of getting infected by the coronavirus please follow the following guidelines:

Wash your hands with soap regularly
Avoid contact with people having symptoms
Maintain a distance of at least 3 feet’s while being a public place
Stay up to date with the latest information regarding coronavirus from trusted sources
Seek medical help in case of coronavirus symptoms
Avoid touching your face, mouth, nose, and eyes
Avoid visiting crowded places
Wear a face mask while going outside
Cover your cough with your sleeve or tissue
Disinfect the places you touch the most

Now I will explain how to follow these coronaviruses preventions and why to follow them.

1. Wash your hands with soap regularly:


Wash your hands with antiviral or normal soap at least for 20 seconds. After washing hands dry your hands with a clean towel and let them air dry. You should wash your hands:

  • After you come back from outside
  • After you visit a public place
  • After you Get in contact with a person having symptoms
  • After you Touch public touchpoints like a door handle, using the public washroom, shopping cart, etc.


Washing your hands with soap regularly will help you get rid of any coronavirus germs on your hands. It will reduce the chances of getting infected and spreading the disease.

2. Avoid contact with people having symptoms:


Avoid close contact with people having a cough or fever. Fever and cough are the two most common symptoms of coronavirus.


Infected people inject droplets into the air from their mouth and nose. When you avoid close contact, you will reduce the chances of getting infected.

You need to take the extra care in case if you have some medical conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart or lung problems or you are above 60 because the immune system is not that strong. If you got infected with the virus the symptoms will be severe. That’s why at least maintain a 1-meter distance from a person having a cough or fever or any other symptoms.

3. Maintain a distance of at least 3 feet’s while being a public place:


Maintain at least a distance of 3 feet between you and another while being at a public or in crowded places.


While at a public or crowded place when someone coughs or sneeze, he ejects tiny droplets into the air. Tiny droplets from a COVID-19 patient have virus germs in them. If you inhale the droplets you will get infected immediately. That’s why it is advised to keep a distance of at least 3 feet.

4. Stay up to date with the latest information regarding coronavirus from trusted sources:


The best, authentic, and trusted sources to Stay up to date with the latest information regarding coronavirus is the local and national health authorities.


Local and national health authorities are up to date and aware of the current situation in the area. Based on that situation they issue the guidelines. Following unauthentic sources of information may cause trouble for you because there is very little surety that the information is correct.

5. Seek medical help in case of coronavirus symptoms:


If you notice any symptoms of coronavirus, seek medical attention immediately. The most common symptoms include cough, chest infection, fever, and difficulty in breathing. To make the process quick You may seek medical help by phone. Follow the direction of local and national health authorities to find out the nearest health facility.


Seeking medical help will help you to get the medical aid quickly in case you are infected. It will help you to save your loved ones by avoiding contact with them. Communication with national health authorities will give exact direction in terms of which medical facility to visit.

6. Avoid touching your face, mouth, nose, and eyes:


Avoid touching your face, eyes, nose, and mouth with hands. Nose, eyes, and mouth are the body part from where germs can enter your body. Once the virus enters your body you will fell ill.


In case you have picked up the virus from somewhere with your hands and then you touch your nose or mouth with hands you will breathe in the virus and will get infected.

7. Avoid visiting crowded places:


Avoid visiting crowded places. If you need to visit a crowded place wear a face mask and keep sanitizing your hands regularly. After you, come back home wash your hands and face for at least 2 mins with hot or cold water and soap.


It becomes almost impossible to follow the instruction of keeping 3 feet distance from other people. if 3 feet distance is not maintained there are more chances for you to pick up the germs. Also, touchpoints at crowded places may have coronavirus germs on them. when you touch them you may get infected.

8. Wear a face mask while going outside:


Whenever you go outside, please wear a facemask. People above 2 years of age should wear a face mask. It is not mandatory to wear a facemask that like health workers wear. You can wear any kind of facemask that covers your face and nose completely.

You can even make a facemask at your home with a piece of cloth. The advantage of a homemade facemask is the usage of it after washing. Sanitize your hands before wearing your mask.


Some people are infected, and they don’t know it because they didn’t show any symptoms. When the breath and cough in the air at the crowded place they inject the germs in the air. When you don’t wear a mask, you will breathe in the virus easily. But if you are wearing a facemask, it will stop the virus from going into your body through your mouth and nose.

9. Cover your cough with your sleeve or tissue:


Coughing can a potential source to spread coronavirus. Cover your cough with the elbow or tissue (do not use hand to cover a cough). Dispose of the tissue immediately after use to stop the spread of the virus.


Covering you are the cough will stop the spread of droplets into the air and can save people to get infected. The reason for this is when a person coughs; he releases some droplets from nose and mouth into the air which may contain virus germs. This may cause people to get infected with the coronavirus.

In case you cover your cough with your hands; the virus will be transferred to your hands. After that, you will leave the virus every place you touch.

10. Disinfect the places you touch the most:


Regularly disinfect the places you touch the most. Common touchpoints may include:

  • Door handles
  • Light switches
  • Washbasin taps
  • Toilet flush button
  • Remote controls

Some people confuse cleaning and disinfecting. Both things are different. Cleaning is don’t to remove dust or dirt from something. On the other hand disinfecting is done to remove germs or viruses from something. For disinfection antigerm chemical is used.


Coronavirus germs can live up to 72 hours on plastic or stainless steel. To kill the virus before that time use disinfectant. When a person touches something containing a virus. he picks up the virus from that place and when he touches his face or mouth with those hands he breathes in the virus and becomes infected. In a person disinfect the touchpoints regularly he will be avoiding the potential threat of getting infected.

Why follow Safety preventions?

Till today, scientists have not invented any vaccine or treatment for coronavirus. According to experts, vaccines for coronavirus may take more than a year to prepare and test. Till that time all we can do to stay safe is to avoid this disease. And the best way to avoid it is by following prevention steps.

According to scientists, some people are infected with coronavirus but don’t show any symptoms for some days. This disease spread when an infected person talks, sneeze, or cough or when an infected person touches a public touchpoint.

The good thing is the virus doesn’t do more than 3 feet and disinfectants can kill the germs on common touchpoints. By following the simple prevention procedure we can avoid becoming victims or sources of spreading this deadly disease.

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