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Professional Pest control protecting during Covid-19 Pandemic

Published on july 10, 2020

Pest Control and management measures are more important during Covid-19 lockdown and even after the restrictions are being lifted. As the food business shut down during coronavirus pandemic, an increase in numbers of rodents and other pests are witnessed on the streets and houses.

After lockdown as some restrictions are lifted by governments, a pest inspection by businesses especially by food businesses is a must. The reason is during the lockdown, the food left at the facility will be rotten, making the site an attractive place for pests and rodents.

Why pest control important during Covid-19:

In Covid-19 pests would happily start their new life in the empty buildings with food, water, and shelter supply. Pests not only irritate us and upset us mentally but also spread disease and allergies. Food businesses that are closed will have enough food, water, and shelter supply for pests, rodents, and birds infestation.

Different pests and insects spread deadly diseases like salmonellosis Lyme disease, West Nile virus, encephalitis, and hantavirus. Rodents and cockroaches are responsible for allergic attracts like asthma in kids. Without the Pest Control industry, the situation would be much worse.

Damage caused by pests:

Pests and rodents may cause extensive damage to the property by ripping things out for nesting. Birds can damage roofs, and walls to find shelter. They also can block the drains which result in flooding and can contaminate surfaces with droppings which can lead to contamination.

Pests not only cause depression but also spread infectious diseases, and cause damages by contaminating food supplies.

Loss during COVID-19 by pests:

Due to COVID-19, Every business is to different types of risks. Not only in the form of financial and health risks but also in the form of market reputation risk. According to a survey conducted by CEBR in 5 countries showed that more than 70% suffered big financial loss due to rodents and pests during COVID-19 lockdown. The property was in use during normal days but during the lockdown, pests were free to harm the property.

The presence of pests in the facility is not risky to the health but also causes stress, irritation, and demotivation. The same survey reports pests as the leading cause affecting the morale of the employees in the industry.

How to deal with pests?


Protecting the buildings for a business that are currently operating in the lockdown or businesses which will resume operations after the restrictions will be lifted are equally important. Businesses must take action to keep their building or operating facilities ready. They need to do infestation and Pest Control to keep their facilities safe to start their operations smoothly after lockdown.

Conducting a Pest Control survey will help the business by enabling them to get the facility ready for operations just after the lockdown is lifted.

Pest control:


There are several ways to control and deal with pests in the building. Remote monitoring of the pests can be done by digital solutions. This can help with 24/7 monitoring of the pest activity at the facility.

Businesses can fill the gaps and block pests access points to avoid the risk of pest infestation. In case the infestation has occurred, the business can get rid of the pests by non-toxic ways ensuring the removal of pests from the facility.

Rodent control:


Rodents area headache for large business facilities like hospitals, industrial facilities, and malls. There are a lot of ways for them to enter the facility including the drains, windows pipes, etc. They can cause structural damage while nesting. They seek for water, food sources, and nesting spots in a building. While doing that they sometimes damage electric wirings results in a fire.

There are various solutions available to deal with rodents effectively by blocking their access routes to the building. Even if they enter the building rodent-proofing products can push them out of the building. Rodenticides can be used to kill rodents in the building and keeping them away from the building. Using rodenticides also requires expertise and experience.

While suing rodenticides make sure that:

  • The rodenticides are placed away from food supply or place where food is not handled.
  • They are being placed at the spots where rodent visit is expected.

Cockroaches Control:


Dark places such as wall cracks, under and beneath the machinery, and spots which are inaccessible by humans are the favorite hiding spots for cockroaches. They come out at night to find out food and water. Keeping a good food sanitization will keep the cockroaches away.

Follow the following safety measure to avoid and treat cockroach infestation:

  • Remove the sources of food and water (cockroach can also feed on any small part of food reside)
  • Inspect the building and machinery thoroughly to detect the cockroach infestation timely.
  • As cockroach can chew paper and cardboard that’s why store food in plastic or any cockroach proof material.
  • Make sure the drains are in good condition to prevent the water supply for cockroaches.
  • Close the dustbins and waste containers properly.
  • To block the entrance of cockroaches in the building block the common entrance points like gaps around, windows, sewerage, pipes, electric cables, etc.

Flies control:


Flies are the most irritating pests. If contaminate food supplies and is a big cause of stress. They can be controlled from entering the building by adopting hygiene practices and removing attractive water, food, and breeding sites.

Following practices should be adopted to control files:

  • Adopt hygiene practices
  • Clean the food storage the sites regularly to make sure that the unavailability of any food residue.
  • Dispose of waste regularly.
  • Close and clean the food waste bins regularly.
  • Make sure the drains are not blocked and are running properly.
  • Use screens on windows, doors, and ventilators to block the entry of flies in the building.
  • Keep the doors closed when not in use.
  • Use electric insect traps to kill the flies instantly to stop them from breeding in the building.

Bird control:


Bird control starts from the structure and building design to abolish nesting and food sites. Their favorite nesting spots include balconies, ledges, guttering, guttering, flat roofs, and culverts. Following practices should be adopted to keep birds away from the building:

  • Keep doors close when not in use
  • Regularly inspect the facility for bird infestation
  • Keep the waste bins closed to stop the access of birds to foods
  • Do not let water to stand
  • Inspect the food storage areas and warehouses for birds infestation
flat roofs, balconies, ledges, chimney stacks, guttering, and culverts, which are favorite areas for nesting

The crucial role of fumigation and pest control during COVID-19 pandemic:


Pest Control service providers are playing an essential role in a hard time of coronavirus. They are helping businesses to avoid heavy financial and health losses. Pest and rodent infestation might increase the operation starting time of businesses after the lockdown is lifted. Pest control services are helping businesses to start operations as soon as possible.

Pest control and the management industry is playing its crucial role in protecting the health, physical property, and food of millions of people around the globe. Despite such intense care rodents contaminate and consume almost 20% of the food supply.

pest control the industry works hard to maintain the quality of life by treating infestation and saving people and businesses from health and financial risks.

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