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Protecting Key Touchpoints Against Coronavirus by Disinfection and Cleaning Services

Published on june 17, 2020

Coronavirus is a disease caused by coronavirus. Most of the people who are tested positive for it recover after a minor fever, cough, and flu. It may become severe for older people or people with medical issues like Blood pressure, Diabetes, heart, or lung problems.

This deadly coronavirus started spreading from a city of China in December 2019. Till now it's been spread into more than 200 countries around the globe.

Many countries are going toward lockdown because till now there is no vaccine available to treat coronavirus and disinfecting it is hard task to do for a larger area. The only thing a person can do it to follow Coronavirus prevention steps. Hygiene is at the top of the in prevention steps.

The best way to practice hygiene is by disinfecting and seeking the help of cleaning services regularly. All we need to do is disinfecting the things and places often touched by people to stop the spread of this deadly disease.

We must keep following the safety precautions even after Governments lifts the lockdown and open everything. The reason is no one knows for sure when this COVID-19 will be over. When will the world be free from deadly coronavirus?

Incase governments lift all the restrictions, people will come in contact will each other and ultimately the virus will spread rapidly, and there might be more severe waves of Coronavirus. That’s why stay vigilant and keep following disinfecting and cleaning services.

Protecting Key touchpoints against Coronavirus

Poor hygiene and disinfection of hands is the biggest reason for the speedy spread of coronavirus. A person who uses his hands to cover his cough might be walking around with COVID-19 germs on his hands. The moment he touches something, the germs will be transferred to that thing. The virus will be transferred to the next person the moment he/she touches a contaminated object. The virus will be transmitted into his body the moment he touches his face, mouth, or eyes that’s why Disinfection and Cleaning Services are necessary.

In commercial places like hospitals, malls, markets, offices, and public transport many shared key touchpoints might be infected including:

  • Door handles
  • Basket or trollies in supermarkets
  • Gas stations
  • Dustbins
  • Dining/kitchen surface
  • Water tap
  • Armrest’s in public transport
  • Flash buttons in toilets
Reception table at hotels, hospitals, and supermarkets

Contamination from toilet sneeze and body fluid

According to a recent experiment, the virus was found to be present in the faeces of patients for an average 11 days after the disappearance of the virus from the respiratory system.

Droplets plume called toilet sneeze is created by flushing the Faeces. They spread into the air and contaminate every part of the washroom by settling on everything like a toilet seat, washbasin, dispenser, floor, door handle, soap, uncovered tissue, water taps, and washroom wall.

It's been proved from experiments that one person can infect the whole office with 3,4 hours via all the contaminated touchpoints and toilet sneeze. Due to this reason reason proper Disinfection and Cleaning Services are crucial to keeping employees safe from getting infecting.

Decontamination of coronavirus:

Disinfection and Cleaning Services play a vital role in shielding people from coronavirus. Especially when an infected person visits a premise, it is very critical to returning the site to safe use.

As an office manager you might have people to do ordinary cleaning tasks but treating and disinfecting coronavirus requires special efforts and expertise which ordinary cleaning person can’t provide. You must approach professional pest control service to treat and disinfect an infected site, because they know what are the safety precautions and what are the procedures to follow to get the site disinfected safely and easily.

If you come to know that an infected person visited your office. You need to ask the following questions:

  • How quickly you need to return the site back disinfected and safe to be used?
  • Is my site disinfected and cleaned completely?
  • Is it safe to touch the surface and key touchpoints?
  • What safety virus control measures I need to take to keep the site virus-free?

Disinfection and cleaning treatments:

When you hire professional Disinfection and cleaning services, first, they visit your site and make surveys using specialists. The survey will provide the team with the following data:

  • Risk assessment
  • Procedure selection
  • Safety measures to take

Highly skilled disinfection specialists clean and disinfect the infected site with manually with disinfecting tools and types of equipment. Using PPE (personal protective equipment) and using a highly efficient disinfectant. They systematically visit each place or section in the site, disinfect and clean all the key touchpoints and surfaces.

There might be areas that are infected with a bodily fluid like blood, vomit, or human faeces. Such type of bodily fluids needs special treatments and care. Such fluid can seep into areas from where its very hard to treat and clear it from those areas. A normal cleaning person is unable to disinfect such a site because such spots are not easy to detect. Seeking the help of professional and skilled disinfection and cleaning services is crucial.

Sanitizing and disinfecting hard or hard to access spots:

Manual disinfection is the best option for a small area, but it becomes impossible to treat and disinfect large areas or hard to access spots with manual methods. there might be coronavirus germs in the air due to toilet sneeze. For such areas sanitized fogging is the best solution.

Sanitized fogging involves the use of a fogging machine to produce a fog of extremely small droplets of sanitizer or disinfectant liquid.

Ultra-low volume (ULV) disinfection fogging involves using a fogger machine to generate a cloud of extremely small droplets of a disinfectant liquid. Disinfection fogging is extremely helpful in decontaminating both viruses both on the surface and in the air.

It can easily kill the virus in the air as it stays in the air for a considerable time. They are also helpful in the disinfection of virus germs on the surface by settling on underneath, sides, or on the top of objects or places that are not easy to access. Disinfection fogging is mainly used in the industries to disinfect large facilities

Disinfection fogging helps the cleaning services by saving time and energy. It also makes the disinfection or decontamination effective by disinfecting and cleaning the sites which are not easy to access manually.

Other Coronavirus Safety Measures:

Following are some major safety and prevention measures for deadly coronavirus:


Washing hands frequently:

Hands are the most common body parts responsible for the spread of Coronavirus. We often touch surfaces, things, or objects with our hands, and no one knows which place or touch point is contaminated.

We use our hands to eat food, touch face, nose, and eyes, and if we are having coronavirus on our hands, we can get infected without knowing.

Due to the above reasons, it is highly recommended to wash hands with soap at least 2 minutes to get rid of coronavirus germs if any on hands.

Avoid touching face and mouth with your hands:

Your hands may contain viruses and when you touch your face, nose, and eyes with contaminated hands unintentionally. The virus will be transmitted to your body and you will get sick. That’s why it is recommended not to touch your face, nose, and eyes with your hands.

Cover your cough:

Coughing can the potential source to spread coronavirus. The reason for this is when a person cough, he releases some droplets from nose and mouth into the air which may contain virus germs. This may cause people to get infected with the coronavirus.

Cover your cough with the elbow or tissue (do not use hand to cover a cough). Dispose of the tissue immediately after use to stop the spread of the virus. Covering your cough will stop the spread of droplets into the air and can save people to get infected.

Avoid contact with people having symptoms:

Avoid close contact with people having a cough or fever. Fever and cough are the two most common symptoms of coronavirus. Infected people inject droplets into the air from their mouth and nose. When you avoid close contact you will reduce the chances of getting infected.

You need to take the extra care incase if you have some medical conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart or lung problems or you are above 60 because the immune system is not that strong. Once infected the virus will show severe symptoms. That’s why at least maintain a 1-meter distance from a person having a cough or fever or any other symptoms.

Disinfection and Cleaning: A guaranteed Service


As we know hygiene is the most important step to keep yourself and your workers safe from coronavirus. Disinfection and cleaning is the main thing an office manager can follow incase their office is contaminated by coronavirus germs. By using disinfection and cleaning a manager can return the site to safety easily.

One thing to keep in mind is seeking help from professional disinfection and cleaning service provider because coronavirus disinfection can be so complex that it cant be managed by a normal cleaner. Cleaning and disinfection services providers surely have the tools, training, and expertise to treat and disinfect the site by following are a safety precaution.

While the disinfection and cleaning services are disinfecting the facility, a manager can see how the things are carried out and give assures about the disinfection. A manager can also get assurance by seeing the disinfection and cleaning completion report. When disinfection and cleaning are carried out by professionals’ employees can work confidently because they come to know that the facility manager is maintaining high standards of hygiene, disinfection, and cleaning.

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