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Do you have a passion for writing? If yes, Fumigation Blog is now accepting posts or articles. We would love to see the contribution of people to share views about one of our categories. All you need to do is to write while keeping the following guideline in mind:

  • Post or article must be unique with no duplication.
  • Write your article with a great title and captivating starting statement. Use short paragraphs and subheadings. (So, it is easy to read by the readers).
  • Published posts on blog.fumigation.pk will not be allowed to publish somewhere else.
  • Post or article must have 500+ words with proper images (if any) and with well categorized and relevant tags.
  • All credit will be given to Guest Writer.
  • The guest writer will be allowed 1 - 2 relevant links.
  • Before submitting please ensure your content is quality checked (grammar, plagiarism, proofreading, and spelling).
  • You can send your contributions to info@fumigation.com
  • We will publish your post within 3 - 4 working days.


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