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Published on March 18, 2021
Termite Treatment in Karachi

What Are Termites And Why Do You Need Termite Control Treatment?

Termites are another dangerous and harmful pest that is threading to the whole world due to its vast biting effects and pain that they can provide to us. It is really harmful to everyone because its existence doesn't depend on location like other pests. Termite Treatment in Karachi is essential to those who really are in discomfort due to this pest. In this discomfort zone of termite existence, pest control services are the one who provides you real comfort in your homes, schools, colleges, and offices by our best Termite control fumigation services.

Best Termite Treatment Services Are At Your Assistance!

The reason behind our best Termite Treatment in Karachi. Termite Treatment services are our experienced professionals who we feel pride in and we feel proud when our customers come in comfort zone due to our services. According to the fact, 70% of the world’s population has a threat of termite attack in their houses, etc. In Pakistan, the presence of termite is due to climatic conditions and the large quality of wood furniture in our houses and other places. If your weather doesn’t harm your furniture of wood then surely termite is that species that can attack your wood.

Don’t Let Termite Feed On Your Wealth And Destruct Your Health!

Termites cause billions of dollars in damage each year. They primarily feed on wood, but also damage paper, books, insulation, and structure. Termites can injure living trees and shrubs, but more often are a secondary invader of woody plants already in decline.

Get Termite Treatment And Inspection Before You Start The Construction Of Your Dream Place:

Termite Treatment in Karachi should be done during or before the construction of your house. But if for some reason you did not get a chance to do Termite Treatment in Karachi, you can always look for post-construction termite treatment services. Termite infestation never gives an indication before it occurs and it’s hard to find the infestation at the beginning. Therefore, whether it is the pre-construction period, on-construction period, or post-construction period, any of these phases can attract a severe termite infestation.

Termites Never Leave You!

Do you think termites don’t attack an ongoing construction site? Of course, it does! If they get what they like (moisture) in an ongoing or under construction site, they will obviously dwell in that area and moreover, termites originate from the ground, so it can definitely start building up a tunnel from the ground to your home through the cracks and other passages on the walls. Termite infestation can happen at any phase of constructing a building. Termite infestation can happen during any phase of building construction.

Termite Proofing (Post-Construction):

Liquids Soil-applied liquid termiticide has been for five years guarantee. Their purpose is to provide a long-lasting chemical barrier.

Pest control services Termite treatment professionals use liquid termiticide in its post-construction treatment. The termiticide treatment creates a treated zone around the perimeter of your premises with a drilling procedure on the surface by injecting termiticide into the ground to form a barrier between the soil and building structure. The termiticide can be applied under a concrete floor or around the foundations of the building. As termite workers tunnel through treated zones in search of food, they are exposed to the termiticide. The termiticide is not only ingested but also adheres to their bodies. The affected termites then spread the active ingredient to other termites through physical contact, eventually reducing the population of the colony.

Don’t let the presence of termite impact your industry or business. Call a pest control professional now for more information about our insect pest control problem or to schedule an appointment.

Termite Proofing (Pre-Construction):

Pest control services, Termite Treatment in Karachi professional would like to aware of Termite Proofing in preconstruction. If you are going to construct a new house or build your property, building, office, or industry before start construction think about Termite Treatment in Karachi is the first thing you should think of. Termite Treatment professionals use highly professional and advanced techniques for treating termite proofing. Direct liquid treatments are applied on different stages to the basement excavation, foundation stage, plinth stage, inside and also outside surrounding area to stop and eliminate the termites in your newly construct dream property.

Want A Termite Free Construction?

Several procedures must be done to ensure an area of termite-free construction

  • Basement Excavation Treatment
  • Foundation Pit Treatment
  • Plinth Treatment (Before Katcha)
  • Outer Surrounding Treatment
  • Electric Conduits Treatment
  • Wood Treatment

Termite Treatment Is A Necessity:

Termite Treatment in Karachi becomes necessary once your house is attacked by these pests. It can cause serious structural damage to your house by hollowing the wood used in construction. Despite being horrible for looking they can also cause serious illnesses and damage in the wooden objects. Termite social insects that live in colonies with caste systems, which means they are organized into different social classes based on their roles and responsibilities. The termite caste system has three levels: Reproductive, workers, and soldiers. Since they live in dark places and many of them are blind, they communicate through pheromones (chemical signals) and vibrations caused by head-banging. The main sources of food for termites are wooden objects because they have the ability to digest wood. However, termites have protozoa and bacteria in their guts that produce enzymes that break down the cellulose in wood into sugars the termite can digest.

What Are The Different Types Of Termite Treatments?

Termite treatments involve:

  1. Non-Chemical Treatments:

Some ways to keep termites out do not involve the application of insecticides. For example:

  • One such method is a physical barrier, typically incorporated during construction.
  • Steel mesh and sands of particular sizes have been shown to perform effectively as physical barriers.
  • Biological control agents (nematodes and fungi) have demonstrated some success, particularly in laboratory settings.

Because these methods do not involve the application of an insecticide, EPA does not regulate them. 

  1. Chemical Treatments:

Before a company can sell or distribute any pesticide, other than certain minimum risk pesticides, EPA must review studies on the pesticide to determine that it will not pose unreasonable risks to human health or the environment. Once we have made that determination, we will license or register that pesticide for use in strict accordance with label directions. The pesticides used for the prevention or treatment of termite infestations are called termiticides and must demonstrate the ability to provide structural protection before we register them. In most cases, termiticide application can only be properly performed by a trained pest management professional.

Approved Termite treatments include:

  • Liquid soil-applied termiticides.
  • Termite baits.
  • Building materials impregnated with termiticides.
  • Wood treatments.
  • Two common forms of treatment are conventional barrier treatments and termite baits.
  1. Conventional Barrier Treatments:

The most common technique for termite treatment infestations is the soil-applied barrier treatment. Termiticides used for barrier treatments must be specifically labeled for that use.

If conducted improperly, these treatments can cause contamination of the home and surrounding drinking water wells and will not protect against termites. For that reason, it is important to hire a pest management professional who is licensed and trained to take proper precautions.

Termite Treatment Strategy:

The pest controller arrives to inspect your house and investigate the problem and determine the extent and type of the insect infestation. At this point, you’ll be advised to leave the property (after giving it a termite proofing) so that the Termite Treatment in Karachi can take place that includes:

  1. Drilling entire area of the ground floor in your property will be drilled at every 3 to 5 feet distance
  2. The hole will be 19mm in diameter and 18 inches deep
  3. A chemical mixture will be poured into each hole
  • Then plugged with cement holes

Proper Care And Attention Is Given:

Termite Treatment in Karachi fumigation requires certain techniques with proper concentration. Pest control services care that about their clients through their services and don’t compromise on their services because customer satisfaction is their priority.

Termites Make Their Way Through:

Actually, termites are wood lovers and can detect wood easily because wood also works as a food for them. If you live in a wooden house or there exists a lot of wooden furniture then termites will detect it easily and then attack it. In the beginning stage, detection of termites is not easy, it can be detected when you the harm they provide to your wooden furniture. It can enter your places through the pipelines, wall openings, cracks in the foundation, etc.

How To Recognize It And What Is The Food Of Termite?

Termite ever comes from Ground and there are five feet below the underground colony and it creates soil tube that is why it is called soldier Termite.

Termite Food is a wooden structure and it’s completely damaged the woods.

It comes from three different types of earth:

  1. Tts Termite Travels by visible soil tube.
  2. They Termite Travels by Concealed wiring.
  3. Termite Travels from the invisible Cracks on the wall.

Professional Termite Control Treatment:

Termite Treatment in Karachi control solutions are employed in the best way that it can only harm termites, not you. This is the reason for our increasing name and business in the market. These professionals are efficient and the best termite exterminator in terms of services that employees or provide to increase your comfort in the best way. If you are really afraid of having termites in your lace then don’t worry, pest control services are there to provide you comfort in your place.

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