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Mosquito Borne Virus

Published on Apr 13, 2022
Mosquito Borne Virus

Red alarm: Are you prepared for another mosquito-borne virus?

Pakistan is once again under the deep water with the outbreak of a mosquito-borne virus called West Nile virus.

This mosquito borne virus is outspread in humans and animals through the bite of a mosquito specie called Culex. Karachi and Islamabad have signaled the presence of the West Nile virus as a response to the mysterious death of numerous birds. The West Nile virus, according to the World Health Organization, can cause neurological illnesses in humans.

What happens when a person contracts the West Nile Virus?

West Nile virus is transmitted by the bite of an infected female After biting infected birds, mosquito borne virus become diseased and transmit the virus. This virus causes mild flu-like symptoms in the majority of patients, but it should not be overlooked since it can be fatal in the elderly. The virus can precipitate life-threatening illnesses such as neurological diseases.

What precautions should be taken in the case of a West Nile virus outbreak?

Dr Faisal Mehmood, infectious disease expert at Aga khan hospital addressed “At the moment, there is no need to get scared of this disease or the virus and people should adopt the same precautionary measures, which they take to prevent themselves from dengue or malaria”

¨     What is the best way to avoid mosquito bites?
  • As per the advice of the department of health, an individual should wear protective clothing and covered shoes.
  • Avoid going outdoors specifically to mosquito-prone areas.
  • Install insect screens over the windows and doors.
  • Mosquito coils can be burned to provide some shelter for about 6 hours.
  • Sleeping in air-conditioned rooms reduces the possibility of mosquito activity.

When does the west Nile virus emerge?

mosquito borne virus are most active during the summer months, specifically the Culex species, which is abundant in Pakistan and is responsible for this virus. Residents may have witnessed the emergence of mosquitoes in high numbers at dusk as the summer arrived. The upsurge in the cases of the west Nile virus is more likely to occur in summers.

How can you prevent the West Nile virus?

As stated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention “No WNV vaccines are licensed for use in humans. In the absence of a vaccine, prevention of WNV disease depends on community-level mosquito borne virus control programs to reduce vector densities, personal protective measures to decrease exposure to infected mosquito borne virus

According to the statement, we can prevent this infection by implementing personal preventative measures and mosquito borne virus control initiatives.

Are our mosquito control methods efficient at preventing the spread of the West Nile virus??

In Pakistan, Pest management companies have been delivering dynamic control programs to contribute to the prevention of human-biting mosquitoes over the years. A proactive, potential, and robust control approach involves the cooperation of policymakers, control managers, and health and environment planning departments. To evaluate the effectiveness of this framework, researchers conducted experiments that demonstrated its effectiveness in decreasing mosquito borne virus breeding.

How does a mosquito control program eliminate human-biting vectors?

Pest management companies in Pakistan utilize comprehensive and robust biological, chemical, and ecologically sustainable strategies to deliver promising results.

Chemical insecticides have contributed significantly to the industry. These effective insecticides are employed for controlling several species of human-biting mosquitoes. Biological approaches, on the other hand, are as effective. They have aided enormously to kill the deadliest vectors. The integrated biological approach utilizes natural predators, parasites, and pathogens.

Should I contact a pest control company?

As the classic wisdom goes “precaution is better than cure”. After the covid-19 outbreak, it's high time to comprehend the prevention of this virus. No one wants to experience the tough patch again. The West Nile virus is transferred by infected female mosquitos since it does not spread by coughing or sneezing. To avoid mosquito borne virus bites, one should promptly contact a professional pest control company to protect their loved ones.


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