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Lumpy Skin Disease

Published on Apr 13, 2022
Lumpy Skin Disease

Buffaloes are not infected with lumpy skin diseases, their meat is safe to consume, authorities claim.

What You Need To Know About Lumpy Skin Disease In Cattle animals.

Lumpy skin disease is a virus that can cause fever, skin lesions, and increased mucous secretions in animals. It is spread through the bites of blood-sucking insects like ticks and mosquitoes, and it can be fatal. Veterinarians report that the virus does not affect humans.

If you're worried about LSD, you're not alone. This viral infection affects cattle animals and can be fatal. Thankfully, there's no evidence that it affects humans, so you don't have to worry about it spreading to people.

Learn more about LSD, a viral infection that primarily affects cattle but can also be deadly. With 339 cows dead from the disease in Sindh Province alone, it's important to be informed and take precautions.

1. What is lumpy skin disease?

Lumpy skin disease is a viral infection that affects cows, sheep, and goats. It is characterized by the formation of nodules, scabs, and lesions on the skin. The disease can cause significant losses in livestock production as well as economic losses to farmers. There is no cure for Lumpy skin disease and there is no vaccine available. Veterinarians use a variety of treatments to manage the symptoms of the disease, but there is no specific treatment that will cure infected animals.


  1. What are the symptoms of lumpy skin disease in cows?

Lumpy skin disease (LSD) is a viral infection of cattle that results in the development of lesions on the skin. These lesions can be accompanied by a raised, lumpy appearance, hence the name of the disease. The virus which causes LSD is thought to be spread by contact with infected animals or their saliva and can cause severe illness and even death in untreated cows. There is currently no cure for LSD, so early detection and treatment of any affected animals is essential for minimizing losses.


Can I consume buffaloes milk?

Cows are significantly affected by Lumpy skin disease, and their tendency to produce milk has been reduced. But the good part is, most of the milk consumed by residents in Pakistan is buffaloes’ milk, which is not infected with Lumpy skin disease and authorities claim their milk is safe to consume.

This statement was recorded at a seminar held by the Dow university of health sciences to respond to the misconceptions regarding the diseases.

According to the seminar, livestock officials released that there is a complete ban on slaughtering cows that have contracted LSD, but there's no harm to humans after consumption.

“Except for five districts, Lumpy skin disease has spread to all the districts of Sindh but it is only infecting cows while other livestock including buffaloes, goats, sheep, and camels have not contracted the disease. Infected cows stop producing milk while we consume buffaloes’ milk, which is safe and does not carry the disease or virus, Livestock Director-General Dr Nazir Hussain Kalhoro said.

He further alleviated the rumours spreading regarding Lumpy skin disease. It is not an infectious or deadly disease to humans. In addition, this disease has been prevalent for 100 years but there has been no evident proof of its transmission to human beings.

“We will make our own vaccine in eight to nine months. Vaccine from abroad is expensive. The government of Sindh has provided funds for this,” he added. He maintained that the vaccine would be provided to the cattle in the province free of charge by the Sindh government and the vaccinated cattle would be protected from the disease for their whole life.

Prof Shah also stated that according to the research carried out so far, there was no evidence of the transmission of the Lumpy skin disease in humans nor did it have any effect on milk or meat.

She said that people in the country had seen a decrease in protein consumption, which was why it was important not to give up the use of meat. She also urged the youth to join the field of veterinary sciences as there was a shortage of veterinary doctors in the country.

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