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Educational Institutions and Parents Red Alert: Covid-19 SOPs

Published on september 12, 2020

As we all know that schools are going to re-open from 15th of September, the standard operating procedure must be followed and kept in mind by every both educational institutes and parents who is leaving his place for school, college, office or service.
Sindh Education ministry has provided SOPs for both Educational Institutes and parents that are clearly expressing the protective measures to fight with Covid 19.



  • Cleaning of all educational institutes including schools, colleges and universities regularly
  • Use of Disinfectant Sprays in classrooms, Staff rooms, Washrooms lobbies/corridors, libraries and playgrounds. Best Fumigation Companies as Flora is providing FDA approved material for disinfecting the premises
  • Use of face masks is mandatory for everyone on campus
  • Divide classes into groups to avoid large gatherings.
  • To accommodate split students in shifts; as pre-primary, primary and secondary for schools. Similarly split departments as Business, Computer science etc for universities.
  • Use Saturday as a working day for till the pandemic is over.
  • No edible items will be sold on the tuck shops/ Cafeterias



  • Parents/guardians must coordinate with the management for flexible operations at the institute as well as for attendance and academic plans
  • They must ensure that their child is following the protective measures led by the school/university
  • Parents are advised to let their child stay home if they see any symptom if Covid-19.
  • They must display a supportive behavior as this is the need of the hour
  • Ensure safe transportation.

In summary, Educational Institutions must make sure that their premises are disinfected by approved disinfections only before the reopening of schools on 15th September. Amid the prevailing circumstances, the reliable and licensed fumigation companies in Pakistan are providing some amazing disinfectants that are helping the citizens of Karachi fight against Coronavirus

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Also, at the parents' end, prevention is better than cure. Following the above mentioned SOPs will not only save their families but also others who can be affected through the Coronavirus spread.

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